One of my personal favorite Survival Kit is the Survival Tin Box (a.k.a. Altoids Survival Kit). It's small, and depending on what you add to it, could help you survive for up to 3 days! 

Note: For this kit, I'm gonna set up the instuctions a little differently from the others. Comment if it's confusing.

What you need:

1 Tin Can (1.76 oz. or bigger)

3 Rubber Bands

2 Fishing Hooks

2 Cotton Balls

1 Trash Bag


3 Bandages

1 Pack of Paper Matches

2 Birthday Candles


Step 1: Fold the trash bag (I used a Wal-Mart bag because it's smaller and fits easier) then put 2 rubber bands tightly around it. 

Step 2: Add the bandages and then the neosporin on top of it. Then put the matches to the right side of the tin box.

Step 3: Put in the candles and hooks. 

Step 4:  Add the trash bag and cotton balls. The cotton balls may be used for fire starting or first aid, and fit best if they are ripped half so you have 4 pieces. 

Your kit is now complete! Take it in your pocket on walks, jogs, hikes, anywhere. It's very simple to construct and uses few important items that become very useful in many enviroments. You can use your third rubber band to keep the tin box close so you don't loose anything. 

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