Zombie Apocalypse. It may seem unlikely, but studies have shown that it can actually be a threat to humans. Whether it happens or not, you should be ready.

Rifle with Ammo - to kill zombies but to also harvest game for food and for protection against gangs. I prefer a .22 because its a lightweight, inexpensive main weapon with dirt cheap ammunition

Not a .22, but you get the idea 

Backpack - to hold everything you need to bring along, should be lightweight and have many pockets 

Sleeping bag -  lightweight, but warm

Rope - about one hundred feet, for pitching a tarp tent, tieing things down, climbing, and more 

Tarp - 8 by 10, to make a tent, collect rain water, and for signaling 


First Aid Kit - to tend to wounds you get, preferably in a water-proof bag 


Self Powered Flashlight/Radio - to see in the dark and to keep up on recent event (if radio stations still work) 


Local Maps - to take safe routes and not get lost, and finding sources of water. 


Compass - to go with the map, know what direction you are heading


Red Glow Sticks - if your flashlight fails you and you really need light, plus red light doesn't affect your ability to see in the dark like other lights


Garbage Bags - at least a dozen, can be used for human waste, as a poncho, keep clothes dry, and more  

Pocket Knives - at least 2, for endless uses 

Multi-Tool - usually include needle-nose pliers, knife, screwdrivers, bottle and can openers, file, and wire cutters

Axe, Hatchet, or Machete - Can be used for their original use and also against zombies

Baseball Bat - classic zombie-skull crushing device, fairly effective for close-quarters

Fire Starting - waterproof matches and a flint-and-steel work fine. Other options include Bic lighters, Zippos, etc. To start fires for warmth, cooking, signaling, light, and more

Water - I would suggest refilling a plastic soda bottle with water, but if that is too heavy, then either a stainless steel or a plastic water bottle will do. You eventually WILL have to refill, so also bring along chlorine tablets or something to boil water in

Dehydrated/Freeze-Dried Food - includes Ramen noodles, canned goods, granola bars, beef jerky, peanut butter, etc. Make sure you replace them before the expiration date BEFORE the apocalypse  

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